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Lettuce In The City
If you watched the video in my last post on Biosphere 2: this is the sequel. It presents The Plant, a retired 
meatpacking facility, being repurposed into a net-zero energy vertical farm in Chicago. Their aquaponic farming concept is a mix of hydroponics and fish-farming, with some beer making going on too, each part of the system helping to close the resource loop. What’s amazing about this project is that’ it’s radically innovative while being totally down to earth. For example, The Plant aims to create 125 Carbon neutral jobs in its’ difficult neighborhood.

One’s Place In The World
Scientist Jane Poynter recounts her almost unique experience (only 7 other people in the world have done it), living in Biosphere 2 for 2 years & 20 minutes. The purpose of this larger than life experiment was to find out if it is possible to (re)create the conditions of sustainable life. Turns out, and that’s what I love about this talk, she also found some more esoteric answers along the way.

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